Ballard Sunday Farmers Market

I went to Ballard Sunday Farmers Market last weekend with the family. It was a lovely sunny day in Seattle believe it or not. We had so much fun strolling around the market. My son had the best day of the week easily, eating freshly made donuts, patting a huge dog that he called a donkey, getting bites of fresh pizza, etc... This market is hip and cool like the neighborhood. Ballard used to be grungy and Scandy (Scandinavian). Now it's hippy, yappy and happy.

It's the winter in WA, so there weren't a whole bunch of veggies or fruits, but what they had were great.  These beautiful root vegetables definitely inspired me to start making some baby food for my little girl. I picked up some white carrots and apples. I later boiled and purred them together and she loves it! It also seemed to be helping her bowel movements... well I won't go there any further.


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