Thank you for stopping by!  Bella Bonito is a food and photography blog about home cooking, urban farming, traveling and other food adventures of my personal life. I'm a freelance editorial and commercial photographer based in Seattle. I grew up in a fishing town in southern Japan and have many memories of cooking and foraging with my grandmother. I'm now married into a Norwegian/American family, which also has a great influence on my daily cooking. I'm also a mother of two kids who are also passionate about food that they EAT ( and occasionally make).

If you want to inquire about photography services, please contact me by email



Email:  rika@rikafoto.com
Instagram: @rikafoto



  1. Rika, I just happened on to your site and it's wonderful! It's fantastic to know I have such a talented woman in my (extended) family. How you organized all this is very good, readable, not confusing, interesting, and artistic. And your photos of the food make it all look very delicious (and I don't even like mussels!). Aunt Sandy

    1. Hi Aunt Sandy! Thanks for your kind comment! Hope to get to see you soon and I'll prepare the mussels for you : )

  2. I can't remember how I found your site, but it's my favorite blog. The photography, the food, the darling children, and your writing all suit my sensibilities and create a lovely world, straightforward, down to earth, charming. So many blogs I've been seeing lately seem to be attempts to build a cult around the blogger, but you're totally unpretentious. I love the simplicity of your design and presentation. Good luck with your work.

    1. Hi Toni,

      My husband and I read your comment together and we are both sincerely touched! Thank you so much for leaving such a kind and insightful comment! I am humbled and extremely glad to have received your feedback to hear that you enjoy the way I present this blog. Writing is the hardest part for me, so thanks for your encouragement : )



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