Norwegian and Japanese Fish Balls

I thought that Norwegian Fiskeballer (fish cake) aka Japanese Satsuma-Age is a perfect first posting. It's a common food that my husband and I both grew up eating all the time. The Norwegians in the family seem to like to use cod to make this. But in my family, we use pollack, mackerel or tuna surimi. By the way, surimi in Japanese literally means minced meat and Satsuma is not a little-peeling-friendly orange. It's an old name of a region now called Kagoshima in the south of Japan.

Back to the fiskeballer... I made them with cod this time as my husband requested, so it's more Norwegian than Japanese. But then, all the seasoning added are very Japanese... Couldn't help it. They are easily kept frozen for a long time and good to eat in noodle soups as well.

1 big filet of cod (half a fish)
1 tbs grounded ginger
1/2 cup of grounded onion
2 tbs of mirin

2 tbs of sugar
1 tbs of soy source
salt and pepper
white sesame seeds
canola Oil

Mix all the inexpedience and heat up the oil in a deep pan. Make small balls and deep fry them at med-high heat for about 5 minutes.

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