Mother's Day Treat

This mother's day was busy with lots of relaxing events!? My poor husband was trying really hard to give me the best mother's day ever by simply letting me do whatever I like to do. The past few weeks have been really busy and challenging with the kids. So I asked him to take me to a coffee shop. Ever since I became a mother of two, something simple like going to a coffee shop has become a rare treat.

We live in Seattle, so obviously there are more coffee shops than people. First when I went to Roy Street Coffee and Tea on Capital Hill, I didn't realize that it was owned by Starbucks until I was leaving. It's nothing like Starbucks. It's more like owned by Antholopologie. I really enjoy that you can choose a kind of tea or coffee you like and they brew it for you. You'd think that it'd cost more for the trouble for quality, but no...  It's the same price as any cup of tea or coffee. Also there are good selections of pastries from the Essential Baking Company.

I enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and pastry until my son became bored and started to play with the giant curtain at the front door.

One of the other pleasurable things for me is cooking and nowadays baking too! So I made these delicious mini donuts with cinnamon sugar and lemon zest upon my son's request.


  1. i bet the donuts must be better than what we get from any coffee shops!!

  2. chi-mama,

    i appreciate your comment!!


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