Mini Garden Harvest - Baby Carrot and Apple Salad

We had a relaxing lazy weekend. But that doesn't always mean fun for the kids, especially for my son. The non-stop rain finally decided to take a break and go away, so we decided to go in the backyard as the big event of the day and pick some carrots.

I planted some carrot seeds months ago. I knew the box was a bit too small and I planted them too closely, but I was so excited to see tiny sprouts doing so well that I didn't want to pull too many out. The result is the box full of baby carrots.

The carrots came out baby sized and they should have been picked a bit earlier, but they were sweet, juicy and crunchy. My son who loves tasks and wants to do everything himself, had so much fun, picking every single one of them out.

My son usually refuses to eat carrots, but he was so excited to try these little guys. I made a little plate of salad with apple slices. After all, it turned into quite a fun event. It even encouraged me to plant veggies more and definitely better...


1 organic apple
a hand full of baby carrots
some chopped walnuts
a few arugula leaves

1 tsp of olive oil
1 tsp of orange champagne vinegar
salt and pepper

slice an apple into thin rings and cut carrots in half. Plate them and top it with chopped walnuts and arugula. Drizzle olive oil and vinegar.


  1. Love you blog! Your pictures are fab and the colors are so light and airy. Its like a breathe of fresh air reading it and everything looks so yummy and healthy!! Ahh wish I could take pictures like this!!!



  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comments~~!!!


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