This Year's X'mas Cake: Buche de Noel with Orange Butter Cream Cheese Frost

This holiday season has been with full of EVENTS and I'm feeling so edgy! But at least in a good way. I almost didn't make this cake, but it is my annual tradition. I managed to get over my week long cold finally and put all my energy into making this today to bring to the family dinner.  It's a quick post and I'll be updating the recipe later. Just wanted to say Happy X'mas and hope you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

Recipe is very similar to this recipe here. Just add mamarade and orange zest instead of strawberry jam for frosting. For the chocolate berks, just melt semi-sweet chocolate in a small bowl sitting in a boiling water, spread on a parchment paper and refrigerate it until hardens. Then break them into berk shapes.


  1. Amazing ! The chocolate pieces are looking like an art piece. Nice & creative Xmas Cake. I read your post quite late after Xmas, But this is definitely a good time to say a Happy New Year 2012. Have a great year ahead. cheers !

  2. Thanks for the comment! You are from Brighton of all places! It's one of my favorite places : ) Happy new year to you too!


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