Welcoming "Almost" Spring with Simple Avocado Beet Mandarine Salad with Goat Cheese

I can feel and smell fresh earthy spring air the past few days.  Everyone in the house managed to catch cold from one to another at the end of the cold season.  We've been horribly sick and feeling helpless. I hadn't had any appetite in a few days.  Not in a mood to cook or eat.

This fresh scent of spring cheered me up though, and even inspired me to whip up this little salad - not chicken noodle soup, which I've already made a batch when we first got sick weeks ago. Mind is a strange thing. Once I'm inspired, nothing else matters. I was still feeling pretty sick and not hungry at all.  I didn't know I had all these ingredients in my refrigerator, but luckily I did. I even found the last jar of pickled beets I made from last year, hiding in the back of he fridge.

I assembled all the wonderful ingredients like avocado, pickled beets, arugula, mandarin orange, radish and goat cheese.  Then drizzled with simple vinaigrette loaded with full of vitamins.

The salad helped me forget about this horrible cold and took me to the land fresh earthiness : )

Recipe: serves 2

1 avocado

A bunch of arugula
a few radishes
one mandarine orange
5 big slices of pickled beets (previously picked with honey and apple cider vinegar. it can be replaced with 2 medium roasted or boiled beets)
8 oz of goat cheese

2 table spoons of extra virgin oil
1 table spoon of dijon mustard
1 table spoon of honey
1/2 meyer lemon (juiced)
1/2 table spoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar
a pinch of himalayan pink salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients for dressing and shake or whisk it well.

Slice avocado and radishes thinly. Peel skins off mandarin oranges. Cut pickled beets into smaller pieces. Mix all the fresh ingredients for salad on a plate and crumble goat cheese over. Serve it with dressing.

(I did wish I also had some strawberries which will go really well with this salad).

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