Power Snack: Date Chestnut Bar

I was organizing the pantry the other day and found a few Spanish products that I photographed for this company last year including chestnut, Marcona almond and chocolate from Spain.  All the great stuff that I didn't know what to do with yet.  

I've never bought dates before to ne honest.  Date is an unfamiliar food for me.  But for some reason, I happened to buy a pack out of curiosity the other day.   

So... I had dates, chestnuts and almonds that I wasn't sure what to do and then bum! 


I buy those fruity bars and granola bars for kids' snacks.  Not to name any brand, but I often think most of the kids' bars sold are still way too sweet.  Making bars like these are often very easy.  I just have to remind myself to do it more often.  And you can mix and match any ingredient.  Great for cleaning out the clattered pantry.

You just basically have to chop everything up and mix them all together.  Just take out the chocolate if you want to make it vegan or use vegan chocolate.  

This is one of those things great for the kids to make as well. I'll let my kids make the next batch for sure.  My kids enjoy cooking but lately they are too busy with school and after school activities to get in the kitchen with me.  I'm so looking forward to cooking more together and teach them new things to make during the summer break.  

Recipe: About 15-20 bars (as pictured)


10-15 medium cooked chestnut chopped
15 dried dates copped
1/2 cup of  Marcona or any almonds chopped
A half cup of cashew nuts chopped
a cup of dark chocolate chopped
1 cop of almond flour
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
cayenne pepper (optional)
salt (optional)


Chop chestnuts and dates finely, or use a food processor instead.  Chop almond, cashew and chocolate into small pieces.  Combine all the chopped ingredients with coconut oil and almond flour. Mix them well all tougher in one bowl.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper.  Stir until the mixture is sticky and hold tougher.  Place parchment paper in a square baking sheet or square container..   Put the mixture in and fatten it down tightly. Rest in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Slice them into bars. Store them in the fridge or freezer!


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